Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Louise Bourgeois

Last weekend in the Kunsthalle in Hamburg, so impressed by the work of Louise Bourgeois. Her spider 'mamam' is an homage to her mother, who worked as a restorer of tapestries. Restoring and rebuilding of woven material, just as a spider does, also becomes a symbol for endless, always repeating, renewing life in general. Louise Bourgeois' visual language expresses fear, dependancy, memory, sexuality, love and death. 
Her fabrics gathered in a book called 'ode a l'oubli' are so moving, personal and intimate. Louise embroidered odds and ends of material and clothing found around the artist's own household. From precious monogrammed napkins to huckaback-weave dish towels, colorful bits of silk, twill curtain liner fabric, and old nylons.

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